Chad Harrison International provides a Talent Acquisition solution to our clients which is often termed “Contingency Recruitment” or “Success-Only Recruitment”.

Although our core expertise is in delivering successful search campaigns, we understand that not every client recruitment need requires a dedicated search campaign.


Our International Search Consultants and Researchers are continually working to attract and assist active job seekers in our markets. We are approaching the top talent in the industry at all times, whether we have an opportunity for them at that time or not, so that we ensure we are always working with the best.

Candidates regularly choose to work with Chad Harrison International in direct response to recommendations from the market, the service that they receive either as clients or candidates and the range of opportunities we are able to present them from the market. We work with the top companies in our industry and can provide options to our candidates when they do become available.

We recommend the Talent Acquisition solution for

Non-Management or Highly Skilled Hires

Non-Urgent Hires

Large Scale Similar Multiple Roles

Opportunistic Growth Opportunities

Established Network

Chad Harrison International only offers candidate representation to the top 10% of the industry, ensuring our clients are only provided with the best candidates.

We provide an unbiased, evidence-based perspective to candidate selection following our prescribed ‘CHI Assessment and Selection Strategy’.

If the Talent Acquisition solution is the right solution for your organisation, we would take detailed briefings on your requirements or the types of candidates you would be interested in seeing from the market when they come available, then match the requirement with our established network to identify and select the candidates to present. We manage the process completely – through interview and selection to start.


Chad Harrison International is a Top 500 UK recruitment firm.