About CHI Executive Search Firm

Chad Harrison International is a global executive search and selection firm. We pride ourselves on being the company of choice in connecting the best in the international market.

We are an extremely well networked and trusted partner, working with global organisations, equity backed enterprises, SMEs and family-owned companies.

It takes a strong partnership to get the results that work. Therefore, our delivery is determined by a set of core company values which we continually work to.


The power of a talent acquisition brand ambassador

In the current business climate of big data, fast paced markets and a lot of visual and auditory noise, it is no wonder that brands become easily lost. We all know the major B2C brands like Coca Cola, Pepsico, Apple,…

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Employee satisfaction, salaries & representation in the Life Sciences sector

The Life Sciences sector has benefitted from increased investment in many areas of the world in the last decade. How has that affected the job market, salaries, employee satisfaction and minority representation in the sector? Using a variety of sources,…

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How to attract the best candidate in an executive search

Candidate availability has never been so low this side of 2008, with expertise being placed into positions quicker than ever before. There is a growing demand for top talent at the executive level but there is a shortage. It is…

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